GPS is your own personal dedicated team of professionals to help you get and keep your health and game on track. The human body is very complex and EVERYONE is so different, therefore, we customize programs to address key components from every angle, all the way down to the cellular level. Our goal is to keep it fun and help you find your path to peak performance. By design, GPS is a members only, boutique style studio for very individualized attention. With “appointment only” sessions we are able to maximize a safe and clean environment. Options include functional training, yoga, mat Pilates, Mach 3 Speed training, ELDOA, posture correctives, PGA Professional swing coaching, myo-fascial stretching, medical weight loss, Physical Therapy, Cellular Bio-modulation, Dr. supervised detoxing, wellness and nutritional counseling. Coach Kelly Mo and her team are very excited about the opportunity to share our expertise so we can help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.


Everything we do at GPS is aimed at maximizing your body to be as healthy, strong and mobile as possible, so you can enjoy your life to its fullest. Yes, you can slow the aging process-the focus of the GPS System. GPS is all about looking for ways to help you feel and play BETTER. The GPS team of professionals has been studying peak performance tactics their whole life. We continue to stay up to date on evidence and science-based studies, allowing us to share the latest data and advances with you. With so many conflicting theories and mass amounts of information out there, it can be very frustrating as to what to believe. As a VIP member you will have a resource to help answer your questions so you can achieve full body wellness and find the top of your game.


Whether you play golf or another sport, keeping the body flexible and strong is vitally important for longevity and quality of life. Anyone who has lived a long life will tell you the secret is to “keep moving”. The GPS team believes movement is not just repetitive motion, but, more importantly, movement efficiency is the way to maximize performance and healthy aging. At GPS, we are a collection of health, golf and movement specialists, as well as, top medical associates, constantly studying to find better ways to age gracefully. Our team tests, screens and filters through the data to find your biggest underlying issues so you can optimize your performance. Many times, fixing the weak link can alleviate pain and undo dysfunctional movement patterns, such as poor posture. GPS wants to help you supercharge your health and your game!

The ideal platform for peak performance is a strong foundation and healthy cells. Our performance training programs are designed to fit your body regardless of age or fitness level. The key is focusing on what is most important, with just the right emphasis and correct form. That is where our years of experience come into play. For long term health and vitality, we look at the body and its entire system, offering you a strategy to bring out your best. Regardless of your goal, if you want to feel better, look good naked or just want to hit the ball further, we have a program just for you. Contact us and we will show you a pathway to a better you.

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The Golfer’s Performance Studio is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted a fun place to come train and play. Practice and exercise should be fun! We know we can not stand still, meaning we are either getting worse or getting better. This is the place to come get better. We want to help you slow the aging process as much as we can so you get the most out of your game and life.

There are many ways to approach performance, health and wellness, however, not all are appropriate for everyone. The GPS team is constantly weeding through all the hype to find the most applicable, efficient and “better” way to fit each individual. The GPS team all work together to offer “better” everyday regardless of anyone’s game of choice or where they are on their journey.

In a nutshell, GPS is an exclusive, members only, boutique style (read focused and purposeful) golf performance and functional training studio, that is continually researching the best methods. With a team of experts here for you to help YOU Move Better Play Better Live Better.

“I feel the greatest joy when I help others feel good and play better”.