Performance is just the tip of the iceberg. Luckily there are many areas we can address and improve upon so we can play and live our best game. We look at:

Golf Swing Biomechanics
Movement Efficiency


Cellular Health
Fuel Intake
Tissue Pliability

All of which can be a power leak!



At Golfer’s Performance Studio (GPS) we believe in coaching and healing the whole body from every angle possible. We call our PGA Golf Professionals “Swing Coaches”. Not only can they help you with technique and sequencing, they also look at the body to make sure all areas of the body are functioning properly. A true coach not only gets more out of you than you can on your own, but our coaches are also trained to see what is holding your body back. Our entire teams knows there is a swing-body connection. We regularly collaborate to share expertise which is often a missing in an effective Golf Fitness Program. Together we look for the biggest weak link or power leak that can be addressed with a mission and a program to show you how to fix it. Our swing coaches are also experts at helping you adapt to your tendencies and body type so you can find your most efficient swing for many more years of golf.

pga pro golf swing coach
learn how to hit the golf ball farther


Of course, that is what we all want! The key is to control it and to be able to do it for many years to come vs. do nothing and lose it.  GPS takes the team approach to consider all the contributors to swing efficiency and peak performance such as posture, hip mobility, disassociation or separating lower body and upper body, for example. Many lack the ability to generate speed and power (ground reaction force) from the ground that comes from multiple planes of motion. These are common sources of power leaks that can hold us back from our best game. The GPS teams specializes in showing you how to make them all better. More importantly, we can show YOU how to improve no matter what you state or fitness level is now. We consider all aspects of your history, body type and what you want to accomplish so you can find your power leak and get rid of it. As you know, no one can stand still. We are either getting worse or getting better. Our purpose at GPS is to be the fun place you come to move better, play better and live better!

by Coach Kelly Mo

My vision for the ultimate golf performance team is a Swing Coach that talks to the Fitness Coach. Together they understand the swing faults, power leaks, and mobility issues that can be improved upon. Both coaches also have a deep understanding of the other’s field for optimal collaboration. Then a plan is developed to figure out the best way to make improvements on both ends. We are not tour players, nor do we expect you to be. We learn from the best in the world and show you what works for them, then adapt it to you. For example, drills, mobility moves, strengthening exercises, and tissue release, may be in order. The entire team understands the goals and reinforce each other. Progress is documented and assessment checks are completed along the way to monitor improvement. This information coupled with the knowledge of the cellular health and how well a golfer takes care of themselves, helps us guide and motivate so our team can bring out the best performance possible for each individual.

true golf fitness training
keeping fit for golf


As you can see from the list, “FITNESS” as a whole, has many aspects which overlap, and include, general wellness and conditioning. However, specific to golfers and any rotational sport, emphasis has to include posture, rotation, and muscle symmetry. Because the golf swing is such a one-sided move, muscle balancing is a constant challenge. If one side of the body is over working and the other side is under working or parts thereof, pain and injury can result. Adding to that years of repetition and faulty movement patterns all of which eventually lead to declining performance. As we age (we prefer to call it mature), we also have to fight gravity, years of stress and possibly the cumulative effects of less than ideal self-care. Our team is here for you to show you how you can slow this aging process down as much as possible. We want to help you take good care of yourself, and to make sure we keep the “old man or woman out”. Let us show you how we can help you get more years out of your life.

by Coach Kelly Mo

After working with many bodies for many years, I have seen firsthand what works, not only for my own body, but for many others. Yes, there is a place for machines to work muscles in isolation, but the most bang for your exercise buck is to move and use the whole body. Everything in our body is interconnected so none of the over 600 muscles we have work in isolation. One could look at the body as one big muscle that is separated by miles of fascia or connective tissue, which ultimately controls the muscle pliability. For every member we study every aspect we can, making sure all is working in unison and in balance as intended. So different for each of us. That is why we have a team of experts to sort through information like detectives. Then we can get to the root cause of a weak link and address it vs. just putting a band aid on it. I have seen great improvements with functional training focusing on posture, movement efficiency and mobility.

functional body training for golf

Mobility is flexibility with strength. Each is interdependent so every joint needs both. It is critical at first to make sure the body has a solid foundation and is able to stabilize. The fact of the matter is that our lives include a great deal of sitting which causes muscle shortening and weakness, many of which shut off.  The result is asymmetry or muscle  imbalances and poor posture.  A common mistake in the gym is that many may think they are working their “core”, however, the tendency is to work more of the front vs. the back and sides. Therefore, not addressing the anti-gravity muscles or posture fix areas causes more tightness and weakness-the precursors to pain and injury. Our core is a very complex connection of the upper body to the lower body and, to us, includes the most important muscle is sports, namely, the “glutes”. Proper lumber-pelvic function with the whole core is imperative for any dynamic sport.  Strength and stability at the core is how we move with efficiency and generate power from the ground to the club.  In summary, Functional Training is our goal in every workout. We want you to have a purpose for every move, plus, move the body in all planes of motion. At the same time, we will be strengthening and optimizing each joint in their full and proper ranges of motion. This is how we help  YOU Move Better=Play Better=Live Better.

correcting your posture


We have two types of muscles in the body, namely gravity and anti-gravity. One pulls us down and the other is designed to pull us up or counteract gravity. Golf over uses our gravity muscles, therefore, anti-Gravity training or correctives are imperative for good posture. We know muscles imbalances lead to compensatory movement and pain. Our lifestyles of sitting and hunching over computers and phones further our need for correctives to prevent future issues.  Our posture at address is vital to positioning the body for an efficient golf swing, therefore, every workout at GPS includes specific correctives.